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Free Telephone Consultation


Are Telephone Consultations Free?
Yes, Telephone consultations are free of charge when you need immediate assistance or help dealing with Personal Injury Inquiries/Car Accidents/Slip and Fall, Traffic Ticket Charges/Provincial Offences and Criminal Charges. For any other matter you will need a review, please contact us for more info.

How long are the Telephone Consultations?
Telephone consultations usually last anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the severity of the matter.

What if i have a Contract dispute or Landlord and Tenant matter and want a Consultation?
If you have a civil litigation matter then you need a review to obtain the information you would require, the type of information that simply can’t be obtained from a Telephone consultation. Litigation matters regarding Contract Law, Commercial Lease Agreements, Residential Lease Agreements and/or the Landlord and Tenant board disputes require in depth analysis of many different factors in order to give the same idea of what you would get from a consultation in a Personal injury case for example, while both may have complexities a simple defect in an agreement will drastically change your rights and making the wrong step may land you in hot water unlike an accident where the immediate steps are similar and/or cookie cutter and usually after the fact. All reviews are conducted in our office.

What if i just want a review or want help dealing with my own matter and dont want to pay for full representation?
The reviews and strategy sessions are designed firstly as a in depth analysis to determine what your rights are, secondly, it consists of the legal advice to determine how to protect you, thirdly, the strategy, involves taking the rights and advice and strategize the best approach to dealing with the problem while maximizing your chances of success moving forward. They are all geared towards self represented individuals, representation is always available.

Are Reviews Free?
No, reviews are billed at an hourly rate across the board when dealing with litigation matters, however if you are a Tenant and desperately need help and guidance to stop an eviction then NG offers a one time discount on the hourly rate, call for more information.

How long is the Review/Strategy session ?
Reviews usually last anywhere between one hour to three hours and possibly more if needed.

What if i dont know what i need, can i call NG? will i be charged?
Yes you can call anytime and you will not be charged, NG can qualify your matter and arrange with you what options are available or advisable for your matter. Call Now 647-317-1908 ext 1 or send an email to for more information.