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Nicola Giannantonio (NG) was born and raised in Toronto Ontario. He comes from a family of Italian immigrants who withstood the struggle of arriving in a foreign country and finding their place and becoming contributing members of Canadian society and its norms. He has had the pleasure of growing up with the understanding of the value of earning a living based on a strong work ethic, which has contributed to his character today.

NG has a deep understanding of people, their struggles, and how hard it is to make and keep their hard earned dollars. His career began shortly after graduating from college with focus on business administration. After some time he was able to excel in various lucrative positions in finance, and subsequent exposure to finance law, he decided to further his career by returning to school and becoming a Paralegal, prior to completion of his studies and prior to subsequent licensing he obtained a student practice position working for a prominent general litigation law firm wherein he was working directly under the principle of that firm.

During the course of his completion of studies and law society requirements he was called to the society in October of 2007, wherein he successfully passed examinations and became licensed in May 2008, after which, he was offered a paid position and remained at the firm and became a full time junior associate for some time thereafter. He was successful in learning the “Tricks of the Profession” and the stress management skills to cope with the constant changing areas of law in a general litigation practice. Suffice to say, he has a vast knowledge base in Landlord & Tenant, Corporate & Business, Employment, Personal Injury, Human Rights, Provincial Offences and Criminal Law.

After obtaining these valuable skills he went on to establish Giannantonio Legal Services in 2011, which as of 2018, is now called NG Legal Services Professional Corporation. There are many advantages to using NG as he has mastered the skills and knowledge to fight effectively and efficiently for your rights no matter what the situation, he has you covered from every angle, he has been practicing for over 11 years and continues to do so successfully.